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Information Security ASAP:
As Secure As Possible

Essential Information Security Awareness-Training Every Employee Needs To Know
This new program offers all computer users -- enterprise-wide -- a substantive, engaging, up-to-date review of essential training points every computer user needs to know. Comprehensive content and a compelling dramatized "case-study" scenario combine to capture viewer attention while vividly illustrating why following established info security policies and procedures is critical. A total training solution you can use ASAP -- to help keep your people as secure as possible, as soon as possible.

Information/Computer Security
Reference Library

(boxed set)
Now some of our best-selling information security programs are also available in one "boxed set" to meet your specific needs. Call to order.

Legal Compliance/Business Ethics Reference Library
(boxed set)
Realistic dramatized stories featured in ten acclaimed programs focus on trouble-prone areas of doing business today. The cornerstone is the powerful best-selling compliance program, “The Right Thing.”

Legal Preparedness Reference Library
(boxed set)
This specially priced 10-program set can help train your people to avoid litigious situations through proper adherence to your established compliance policies…or help prepare them for discovery and litigation if problems do occur.

Stolen Access
Keeping Information Secure
Helps your people to understand their shared responsibility in helping to defend against system infiltrators. Raises awareness of social engineering, industrial espionage, wireless security, and more.

Targets Of Opportunity
Information Security—“The Human Factor”
The most effective training program available to increase employee awareness of corporate espionage, competitive intelligence threats, social engineering, and more.

The Plugged-In Mailbox
Email Uses and Misuses
This powerful best-seller uses realistic scenarios to dramatize proper use vs. misuse of email and the Internet for all employees, at every level, and vividly shows the consequences of non-compliance.

Computer Virus Attack
Defending Against Viruses And Hackers
Teach your employees to help guard against a devastating and crippling computer virus outbreak in your organization, and show them what to do if they suspect one.

Avoiding Litigation Landmines
An Employment Law Survival Guide For Managers
This best-selling program addresses the nine most common mistakes that might result in costly employment law and wrongful termination litigation.

The Right Thing (Video)
Doing Business Legally And Ethically
Former Attorney General of the United States Dick Thornburgh helps deliver a broad and unequivocal message that Management values legal and ethical compliance as a highest priority.

The Right Thing (E-Learning)
Doing Business Legally & Ethically—
What Every Employee Needs To Know

Reach all of your employees right at their desktops with this comprehensive, highly customizable, and easy-to-deploy Web-based e-learning program.

Antitrust Untangled UPDATED EDITION!
Self-Study Antitrust Compliance Workbook Program
2007 Updated Edition Now Available!
This acclaimed best-selling self-study workbook program has been fully reviewed and extensively updated!

The comprehensive, critically acclaimed, and up-to-date self-study antitrust compliance workbook program -- designed specifically for sales, supervisory, and management personnel -- is designed to help make the major antitrust compliance topics crystal clear to the lay business person. Real-world case-studies lead users to examine competitive behavior that is acceptable, questionable, and unacceptable, and always encourages users to check with their legal department and/or supervisor if ever in doubt.

Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity

Planning, Testing, Readiness—
What Every Employee Needs To Know

Reach your employees right at their desktops with this highly customizable, easy-to-deploy Web-based e-learning program.

The Writing On The Wall
Throwing The Book At Sexual Harassment
This engaging best-seller, narrated by former Attorney General of the United States Dick Thornburgh, delivers the message that Management will not tolerate harassment and will respond to complaints swiftly, fairly, and severely.

The Payoff
Doing Business Successfully Under the F.C.P.A.
This best-seller dramatically illustrates why compliance is good business, why payoffs are bad business, and why the final “payoff” may be prosecution. Updated to cover the International Anti-bribery and Fair Competition Act.

The Price
Antitrust Compliance Classic
The classic, most effective compliance docudrama ever made. The story of sales manager Walt Ames dramatizes the costs of a Federal price-fixing case to an individual, his family, his company, and his industry.

Buried Alive
Document/Information Management
This engaging blockbuster shows all employees why documents should be systematically retained and/or destroyed according to organization policy, without risking destruction of evidence or jeopardizing vital information.

The Heat’s On
Environmental Law Compliance
This hard-hitting dramatized program brings to life the staggering potential consequences of non-compliance with today’s powerful environmental laws.

Back In Business
Disaster Recovery/Business Resumption
This best-selling classic is an indispensable, enterprise-wide introduction to disaster recovery/business resumption planning and preparedness.
Using The Internet And Email At Work
Seven based-on-fact stories of Internet misuse dramatize the message that it's imperitative for employees using the Internet and email on the job to get "net-smart" about Internet use during work hours.

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